Wisport is a Polish company that has been manufacturing high quality gear since 1984. They specialize mainly in producing backpacks for wide range of uses, from urban and touristic, through trekking and hunting, finishing on survival and military. Their offer also includes various accessories and clothes.

Wisport Sparrow Egg backpack has been introduced in 2018 and it’s the smallest member of the Wisport family so far. With just 10L of capacity it makes for a perfect EDC (everyday carry) backpack.

Its name, as you may assume, comes from the unusual oval shape resembling a giant egg.

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack Front

Wisport Sparrow Egg Specification and Features

This backpack is made of 500 denier Cordura, which is a very durable material, resistant to abrasions and color fading. It dries quickly and is fairly water resistant, which makes it perfect choice for any outdoor activities.

Dimensions: 36 x 23 x 14 cm

Weight: 500 g

All clamps, plastic loops and buckles are made from Duraflex by ITW Nexus. Unlike cheap plastic, this material is low temperature resistant, greatly reducing the chance of breaking even in harsh sub-zero conditions.

Main chamber is secured by a covered two-way zip fastening. Zippers are originally made by Wisport, high quality and extremely durable.

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack Zippers

On the sides of the Sparrow Egg backpack we’ll find two expandable mesh pockets, each capable of holding a 500-700 ml (depending on the shape) bottle of water.

Outside is covered with daisy loops, both in the front and on upper part of the sides (above the mesh pockets). This will allow you to attach various additional equipment, either by tying it on or using carabiners like ITW Nexus Grimloc or Nite-Ize S-Biner. Between the loops in the front, there is also an intertwined shock cord with a stopper, perfect for storing a jacket for quick access.

For those of you, who like to customize your backpacks with insignia or morale patches, there is a large 10 x 5 cm velcro piece in the front.

At the very top, there’s a small velcro-backed flap, that covers a little loop for hanging the backpack, as well as an opening to lead through the tube from a hydration bladder.

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack Hydration

There is a set of wider loops on each harness strap and two rotating holders to secure the mouthpiece of the hydration system.

Additional chest strap will allow you to stabilize the backpack, while the quick release buckles on the sides help with immediate unfastening. The back and the shoulder straps are padded and covered with mesh to improve comfort and ventilation.

It’s possible to attach a waist belt with two 1-inch buckles located in the lower back part.

Inside, there is a thin, flexible wall separating the hydration compartment from the main chamber. On the front part, there is a zip pocket for storing flat objects.

Wisport Sparrow Egg Capacity and Comfort Test

I’ve been using the Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack daily for a few months before writing this review and I’ve tested it various situation. It serves me mainly as an EDC backpack, in which I carry a few essentials, like a multitool, a small first aid kit, a flashlight, a lighter, a piece of paracord, and my lunch to work. It’s just the perfect size for such purpose.

I’ve also taken it on an all-day cycling trip and managed to pack enough food and water, plus a towel, some light clothes for change and a few tools in case of an emergency.

It’s also a good choice if you are planning a short hike, to bring just the necessary items to get you through the day.

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack in Field

Even though it’s only 10 liters of capacity I’m sometimes surprised how much I can squeeze into this little backpack. Unfortunately due to quite unusual and irregular shape, some objects are just a no go with the Sparrow Egg. A good example are all rectangular objects with a diameter greater than 31 cm (about 12.5 inches). Because the bottom of this backpack is narrower than the top, all laptops above that measurement simply won’t fit.

When it comes to comfort, Sparrow Egg does a good job but that may be partially caused by the fact, that you will hardly ever carry a really heavy load in it. With just 10 liters of capacity you would have to fill it with lead to make carrying this backpack a struggle.

The padding on the back is quite thick so even if you pack some pointy objects, they won’t be able to cause any discomfort. Shoulder straps are wide and they distribute weight evenly, while the chest strap nicely completes the secure placement of backpack on your body.

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack Straps

I feel like Wisport Sparrow Egg would make a great auxiliary backpack in any kind of long travels. You can have it rolled up and packed inside your suitcase and whenever you need to leave your main luggage at the hotel or some temporary locker, you can just take the Egg, throw some most important items inside and go sightseeing. It’s big enough to hold all the necessary equipment and small enough for you to even feel the weight.

I could definitely see this backpack as tactical gear as well. For quick operations, containing only essential items, it would be a perfect solution. Either as a standalone backpack or attached to the vest (although there are no dedicated mounts, but zip ties would do the job just fine).

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack – Is It Worth the Price?

In general – yes.

At the time of writing this review, the price of this backpack is around 60 euro. It’s not cheap for such a small unit, but considering the quality of materials used and the fact it’s been made by a company with over 30 years of experience in producing backpacks… Well, you do the math.

Of course, you need to really think about how you are going to use it and how much stuff you usually carry, as the shape and size is very specific and may become an issue, especially with solid, rectangular objects.

All in all, I can honestly recommend this backpack, as it’s comfortable and very well-made. Even though there’s not that much space inside, you can always extend the capacity by mounting additional equipment on the multiple loops on the outside.

Enjoy some more photos:

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack Side Pocket

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack Velcro

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack Loop Top

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack Loops

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack Holder

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack Grimlok

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack Cordura

Wisport Sparrow Egg Backpack Chest Strap