Moving around a city can sometimes be a real nuisance.

When you jump in your car, you often have to face lots of traffic and hope to find a parking spot close to your destination.

Similar with public transport, which is also slower due to frequent stops and, depending on the country or city, not always reliable in regard to time.

Walking might be a good idea, but what if you have a few miles to cover, and you can’t afford a casual stroll?

Cycling? Why not, but only if you can take a shower at your destination. After all, you don’t want to arrive at the office all sweaty and stinky, right?

Have you thought about an electric scooter? If you haven’t, I strongly suggest you do, as this may become your next every-day commuter! (rhyme not intended)

Revoe Revolt 2.0 Electric Scooter

Revoe is a French company, that offers a variety of electric vehicles, like e-scooters, hoverboards, e-skateboards and e-bikes.

Revolt 2.0 is an electric, foldable kick scooter that will make your travelling around the city much easier.

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Riding

It’s made almost entirely of the super durable T6061 aluminum. No need to worry about banging into a curb or accidentally brushing against a wall. This construction can take on a lot of carelessness.

The whole thing weighs a little over 10 kg and can take max 100 kg on board.

The 8” wheels are made of plastic and rubber. It’s not the best combination of materials, as inflatable wheels would surely provide more comfort and amortization. However, if you wish to replace them, there is such possibility.

Revolt is suitable for people of height between 1.45m and 1.95m, although anyone taller than 1.90m won’t be too comfortable using it. Based on my personal experience (I’m about 1.85m), my handlebar had to be fully extended.

The folding mechanism is very simple, based on one latch located in the front, that needs to be pulled back whenever you want to fold or unfold the scooter.

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Latch

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Folded

Revoe Revolt Performance and Comfort

It is equipped with a brushless 36v/250w motor and lithium-ion 7.8 Ah battery. According to the official specs, they will let you travel with the speed up to 25 km/h and max distance of 20 km.

Both those numbers will of course change, depending on the rider’s weight and type of terrain, as well as weather.

On a windless day, travelling on smooth, straight tarmac, I was able to bring it up to 30 km/h (weighing around 95 kg + 1-2 kg backpack). I never tested range to the limit, but most I did was 15 km and the battery still had one bar left, so I guess it’s safe to assume that manufacturer’s specs are realistic.

When it comes to comfort, the rear suspension is doing a pretty good job. A solid shock absorber nicely smoothens the ride when entering a cobbled road or a paved sidewalk.

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Shock Absorber

Front section is slightly worse, as there is nothing to cushion the uneven terrain and your wrists will surely feel that. As I mentioned before, it’s a good idea to invest in inflatable wheels.

This electric scooter offers 3 assistance modes that will limit the maximum speed to 6, 15 and 25 km/h respectively.

There’s plenty of space on the scooter’s deck (45 cm x 15.5 cm), which is also covered with an anti-slippery fabric resembling sandpaper. I never felt like I could easily slide off or that there wasn’t enough room for my feet (size 44 EU).

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Deck Size

Operating Revoe Revolt Electric Scooter

Getting the scooter ready for a ride is quick and simple. All it takes, is to unfold it by pulling a latch next to the front wheel and adjust the height of the handlebars with a rotating clamp.

You switch the scooter on by holding the middle button on the LCD display for 3 seconds (you switch it off the same way). After that, just select one of the three assistance modes by pressing the top or bottom button, and you’re good to go.

Lights are switched on/off by holding the top button for 3 seconds.

On the handlebars, there are two levers responsible for main functions of the scooter. The right one is for accelerating and the left one for braking.

If you need a bit more stopping power, when going down a steep hill for example, there is also a mechanical foot brake over the rear wheel.

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Handlebars

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Display

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Rear Brake

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Stand

Next to the LCD display, there’s also a small, green button that serves as your horn. Below the deck, you’ll find a little handy stand, on which you can rest your scooter, without having to fold it every time you stop for a minute or two.

As you can see, it’s all pretty simple and straightforward. Scooter is equipped with all basic functionalities that you would expect from such vehicle.

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Light Front

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Light Back

Downsides of Using an Electric Foldable Scooter

Having and electric scooter to move around is a great idea, but it’s not perfect for every situation.

Make sure that the routes you’re going to travel are smooth and leveled. It’s extremely annoying if you’re constantly riding on paved sidewalks or cobbled roads, or travelling most of your way uphill. Revoe Revolt has decent power, but you won’t be able to enjoy its full potential when the conditions are not right.

Talking about conditions, weather is one of the main you should consider. If you live in a place that tends to be rainy most of the year, the scooter will not be the best choice for you. I’ve tested this one on wet surfaces, and I can tell you that it’s neither safe, nor fun. Every sharp turn may (and probably will) result in a painful fall, and if you’re mostly using the side of a busy road, it may cost you more than just a few bruises.

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Deck

Safety is also an important issue when using a vehicle like that. Of course, I always recommend wearing a certified helmet, but the matter I’m talking about is mainly focused around your area of operation.

If you live in a very crowded and congested place, like I do (center of Malta), you will face the choice of either riding between cars or between pedestrians. Cycling lanes would, of course, be perfect for a scooter, but I know very well that’s not always possible. So before you decide on such a piece of equipment, carefully study your area and make a conscious decision, whether it’s going to be a problem or not.

Revoe Revolt 2.0 Electric Scooter – The Verdict

I’m personally a bit torn when I have to decide, whether or not to recommend this scooter. Objectively, it’s a solid piece, but there are areas in which it could improve.

I haven’t had any issues while using it daily (around 6 km) for over 6 months. The only slightly annoying fact, was that it became a bit “rattly” over time. But I guess that’s something you can live with, especially with plenty of moving parts.

Revolt Revoe Electric Scooter Outside

The main downside of Revoe Revolt is its price. At the time I bought it (February 2018), I paid almost €500. I feel like there’s plenty competition in that price range, and you could probably get something more reputable for that much cash, like the Segway Ninebot ES1.

All in all, I can’t complain, as my experience was 100% positive, however I have a very narrow frame of reference. It fulfilled my needs as an every-day commuter, and I feel like I could have used it for much longer. I sold it only because my living situation changed and my commute exceeded the range of Revoe Revolt.